Eemax Tankless Electric Water Heaters Review and Buying Tips

See how Eemax water heaters can efficiently provide hot water on demand and in continuous supply while saving on energy, time, and space. Either selecting the point-of-use (POU) or whole-house model, with the tankless technology or water storage tank, Eemax manufacturer ensures value, quality, reliable operation, and great support. And when compared to other manufacturers, the cost of the heaters is very affordable.

Eemax is the manufacturer of popular electric water heaters, and it offers two types; tank and tankless, with 12 models in total, all designed for heating domestic water in residential applications. Keep in mind that there are many more models to select, which are used in commercial applications such as restaurants, schools, hospitals, and others.

Tank-type water heaters

Eemax tank-type

Eemax water heaters from this group utilize a water storage tank with capacities from 1.5 to 6 gallons and only one heating element of 1,400 Watts for heating, which makes them ideal for point of use service, or single operation. As they are installed close to the fixture and have short pipes, hot water is delivered fast, saving you time, energy and money.

There are four models with the water storage tank, and all of them can be purchased online (check the prices and reviews using the provided links from

  • EMT1 – capacity of 1.5 gallons
  • EMT2.5 – capacity of 2.5 gallons
  • EMT4 – capacity of 4.0 gallons
  • EMT6 – capacity of 6.0 gallons

If the groundwater is warmer, larger models can also supply hot water to more than one fixtures, operating as the standalone unit or combined with the large tank-type heater, even tankless. When they are combined with the tankless water heaters, such as Rinnai, Noritz or any other, Eemax tank heater would allow faster hot water delivery, and stable temperature, so the temperature will fluctuate less and the “cold water sandwich” won’t be noticed as much.

They are equipped with thermostatic control, which is adjusting the water temperature, ensuring better comfort, and improved user experience.

Installation of the storage tank models is easy and fast due to its small, compact and lightweight design, and use of the electrical cord. Simply plug it in into the 120 V wall socket, while it is sitting on the ground, inside the cabinet or mounted on the wall. The installation of the EMT6 model is a bit harder as it must be hardwired.

The simple design allows easy control using the front knob, so you can set the temperature between 50 and 140 F, and check its status on the indicator lights. All the connections are located on the top of the units.

The price of the Eemax tank-type water heaters is in the range from $140-$200.


Eemax electric and tankless water heaterEemax water heater

Most of the tankless water heaters from Eemax are coming from HomeAdvantage II series, with seven models available, ranging from 8 to 36 kW, and one model designed as the booster.

HomeAdvantage II

  • HA008240
  • HA011240
  • HA013240
  • HA018240
  • HA024240
  • HA027240
  • HA036240

(check the prices and reviews on


  • HATB007240

Eemax tankless water heaters are designed for on-demand heating in residential point-of-use and whole-house applications. They do not have storage tanks; water is heated while passing through the heat exchanger, and delivered in endless supply with the efficiency of up to 99%.

As opposed to most of the tank-type heaters, tankless electric models, which require 240 Volts, have to be hardwired to a dedicated circuit breaker.

As the tank-type, tankless is equipped with the thermostatic control, which ensures stable temperature output, as it reacts to any temperature change. Water is heated by using the heating elements, and the power that is sent to them is directed from the computer logic system which uses signals from the flow rate and incoming water temperature sensors.

Every Eemax tankless water heater has a panel with the digital display where you can set the temperature from 80 to 140 F, also check the status, temperature, and if there is a problem. Water heaters are protected from the extreme temperatures with the computer-controlled and auto reset thermostat switches.

Smaller models such as those from 8 to 13 kW have side water connections, while the larger models are connected to the plumbing using its bottom connections. The maximum water flow for heaters with 8-13 kW is 4.8 GPM, 7.0 GPM for models with 18 to 27 kW and 8.0 GPM for the largest model of 36 kW. They can also operate on 208 V, but with the reduced power rate and temperature output.

The AutoBooster is used to support electric and gas water heaters increasing the hot water supply up to 45%. For the best performance, they are often installed on the tank outlet (hot water) of the new or old electric and gas heaters.

When mounted on the electric unit, the AutoBooster doesn’t require any additional electrical work – it uses an existing power supply, but when installed on the gas unit, it requires dedicated 30-amp breaker.

It usually operates on 240V when it can produce up to 7.2 kW, or 5.4 kW when operating on 208V. With the temperature rise of close to 50 F, it can produce approximately 1.0 GPM of hot water flow.

It comes with the digital user interface and external dial knob for easy temperature adjustment.

Note: Before selecting the right model, take into account incoming water temperature, water flow, and the outlet temperature you would like to achieve.

What size do I need?

Just for a quick reference, use the following data (water flow in GPM) when calculating the size of your future Eemax water heater: 

  • Shower – 2 GPM
  • Handwashing sink – 0.5 GPM
  • Kitchen sink – 1-2 GPM
  • Dishwasher – 1-2 GPM
  • Washing machine – 1-1.5 GPM
  • Bathtub – over 4 GPM


Eemax water heaters, which can be purchased online, are ideal for homeowners who are looking to buy a unit that will replace an old and bulky tank-type heater so they can get on space and convenience.

They are also recommended for those who need an appliance to heat water at the point-of-use when there is a distant sink or even for the whole house use when they operate as the primary source of hot water.

Eemax tankless heats water on demand, give you an endless supply of hot water, can boost your existing model, support solar heating system, operate with 99% efficiency and can last over 20 years.


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