Paloma Tankless Water Heaters
Review and Buying Tips

Find the advantages and benefits of Paloma tankless water heaters, check out its advanced features and see the most energy efficient models. A detailed review explains the benefits and specifications, which helps you select the right size and the model.

Paloma Group, a company that makes Paloma water heaters is also the owner of the most popular American water heating company Rheem. Combining the ideas and technology of these two companies, Paloma gas water heaters are ranked high, when talking about the quality, safety, and performance.

Paloma tankless water heaterPaloma


  • Paloma is a pioneer in the gas appliance industry... since 1911.
  • High standards and safety level, which meets the local standards in any country where the heaters are sold (such as Low NOx emission).
  • All Paloma tankless water heaters are equipped with the ICAD system that monitors and corrects the combustion, for better safety.
  • Overheat Limiter Film Wrap protects the heat exchanger from overheating.
  • Easy expansion by using the DUOnes system allows more hot water, for high demanding homes.
  • Availability of condensing models for the high-efficiency operation.
  • All models come with the detachable remote controller that is used for monitoring and controlling hot water temperature and for displaying troubleshooting diagnostic codes.
  • Scald-prevention bath controller as an optional accessory.
  • Some models can use Multi-Unit System Controller and connect up to 20 units into one system.

Models review

Which one of several Paloma tankless water heaters you will choose depends on your budget, hot water usage, and your lifestyle. Selecting the right tankless water heater size is the most important factor and is in direct correlation with the water flow and power.

All Paloma gas water heaters are tankless that can run by using natural or propane gas and provide hot water on demand in an endless supply. They are small and wall-hanging, with an option for indoor or outdoor installation.

Here is the list of the available Paloma tankless gas water heaters:

  • 5.3 series
  • 6.4 series
  • 6.6 series
  • 7.4 series
  • 8.4 series
  • 9.4 series

5.3 series / PH-20

PH-20 units are the smallest Paloma tankless water heaters and are recommended for smaller homes, condos or apartments, which have one bath. They come with an energy efficiency of 82%.

6.4 series / PH2-20

PH2-20 heaters are designed for homes with up to two fixtures maximum, such as two showers, or a shower and the sink. With the energy efficiency of 84%, they heat water 30% more efficient than the tank type heaters.

6.6 series / PH-25

PH-25 are designed for supplying hot water to up to two-bath homes or two fixtures simultaneously. Contrary to two previous models, there is only one, outdoor model, still with the high energy factor of 0.82.

7.4 series / PH-28

PH-28 are the whole house tankless heaters that are used for 2-3 bath homes. These can also be used to fill a whirlpool. These high efficient appliances are designed with the energy factor of 0.82.

8.4 series / PH2-25

PH2-25 models as the whole house tankless water heaters provide sufficient hot water for homes with the 2 bathrooms or 2 applications working at the same time - they have the same capacity as PH-25 series. These highly efficient heaters are mainly designed for homes but can be converted for commercial use.

9.4 series / PH2-28

Paloma PH2-28 models are high volume tankless water heaters that are used for up to three showers or filling up the whirlpool, the same as PH-28 series. They are available as the indoor direct vent and outdoor models, whose energy efficiency is 84%.


PHH-32 gas models are high-efficiency tankless water heaters that are built for supplying more than 3 fixtures or showers simultaneously. These are known as condensing water heaters, and their energy factor is fantastic 94%, which means only 6 % of the energy is wasted. Thanks to the condensing technology they can use cheaper PVC venting vs. stainless steel for non-condensing.

All Paloma tankless water heaters come with the 12-year warranty on heat exchanger and 5 years on parts.

Similar tankless and condensing models:


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