Reliance Water Heaters
Review and Buying Tips

Exploring Reliance water heaters for heating domestic water. Check out models with the highest energy factors and Energy Star compliance, and models that have the lowest impact on the environment, including features to look for.

Reliance water heater

The review covers several groups of heaters; electric-powered and gas-operated tank-type heaters for the single applications and whole-house water heating, and tankless gas units with condensing technology.


Reliance electric water heaters

The group of Reliance electric water heaters consists of various kinds and models from small point-of-use heaters with only 2.5-gallon capacity, to large 100-gal tanks. The manufacturer provides warranties from 6 to 12 years. The group of water heaters with the 6-year warranty offers the largest model selection with the tank sizes from 20 to 50 gallons. They are also the most affordable to buy.

Tall and short models are mainly used in the whole-house water heating, where the tank size of 50-gallon is the most popular. Point-of-use, compact, and lowboy models are designed for homes with limited space, vacation homes, apartments, and offices.

Electric models are not Energy Star approved, while the heat pumps are.

In order to select the best electric water heater from Reliance, choose a model that comes with the 12-year warranty, highest first-hour rating (around 79 gallons) and innovative electronic user interface for more convenience, better comfort, and safety.

Those models also come with the self-cleaning system, leak detection sensor, heavy-duty sacrificial anode rod for better protection against corrosion, and premium heating elements with the dry fire protection, providing the most kilowatts, which is 5,500. These are advertised as premium electric water heaters that can be recognized easily due to the built-in touch-screen display located at the top of the unit.

Reliance heat pumps

Reliance heat pumps, or hybrids, are electric water heaters that use the heat pump technology and one 4500 kW heating element to heat the water, efficiently. Hybrid heaters are designed to extract heat from the air and move the heat from one place to another (air to water), or combined with the direct electric heating to deliver more power during the wintertime.

Reliance offers three models or sizes and includes tanks with the 50-, 66- and 80-gallon capacity, which can provide recovery rate of 21 gallons and high first-hour rating, which is from 70 to 91 gallons. The 80-gal models are ideal for homes with family size of 5+.

All the models are Energy Star approved, so if the federal tax breaks and utility program savings are offered, you can get a pretty good deal. According to the manufacturer, heat pumps can save you a few hundred dollars per year, when compared to the electric type.

While the conventional tank-type electric water heaters have a simple design, Reliance heat pumps are more complex, utilizing innovative features such as the electronic user interface with the LCD display and options to choose one of the four operating modes (designed for different climates while providing higher or lower efficiency).

Reliance gas water heaters

The group of Reliance gas water heaters is quite extensive. Models are available with the atmospheric, power, direct and power-direct venting offering many choices for different home types. Some gas models are powered by natural gas or propane, while others can use both but with the proper gas conversion.

The best models come from the high-efficiency group with the patented air intake system, as they can achieve high energy factors of 0.7, making them Energy Star approved. These come with the long warranty of 12 years, self-cleaning PEX dip tube, LCD display, electronic ignition, and powered anode. There are only two models available of 40 and 50 gallons.

Reliance also offers Energy Star and condensing models with the ultra-high efficiency of 90 and 96%, in size of 50 and 75 gallons, but shorter warranty of 6 years.

If you are looking for more affordable units, you can get gas water heaters with the 12-year warranty, self-cleaning system, heavy-duty anode rod, but with the lower efficiency which is around 0.62. Models with similar features are also offered with the 6- and 9-year warranty, in more sizes, and they cost even less.

Specially designed gas water heaters are also available, and they include direct vent models, models for mobile homes, or where the ultra-low NOx gas emission is required.

Reliance tankless water heaters

Reliance tankless water heaters are small and compact units that do not store hot water as the tank-type but using on-demand technology to heat water only when it is needed. While it is running, hot water is delivered in endless supply to one or multiple applications. 

Tankless models are available as non-condensing or condensing, also as the outdoor – ventless and indoor with the concentric or dual vents. Non-condensing models are cheaper, but the energy efficiency is lower - around 0.82. Condensing water heaters cost more, but they are usually the best and most advanced from the manufacturer. They heat water with the ultra-high energy efficiency of over 90%.

Tankless condensing water heaters heat water fast with the reduced heat loss and ultra-low NOx gas emission, using the eco-friendly burners and state-of-the-art electronics. They come with the diagnostics system, modulating power control, and have long warranties of 15 years, providing better accuracy, reliability and enhanced comfort and convenience.

This review will show the best of tankless and how one homeowner can quickly troubleshoot problems and get more hot water if it is needed.

If you are not sure which one to buy, use this article tank vs. tankless to get informed about the benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of both.


Reliance water heaters are owned by AO Smith Company, one of the biggest HVAC companies in North America. You can buy Reliance water heaters offline in Ace Hardware store or online, such as

They offer over 100 models including the tank-type, tankless, gas, electric, solar, hybrids, small and tall, for residential point-of-use and whole-house heating, mobile homes, commercial, budget-friendly and with the most advanced features and technology.

How to contact Reliance:

Reliance Water Heater Company

500 Tennessee Waltz Parkway

Ashland City, TN 37015, 1-800-807-7014


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